Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas time out......................

Calling a time out to sit relax and enjoy your Sunday afternoon evening.

Forget what you think you have to do this week, and think about making each day a special celebration.

Take some time to get all you clothes organised for all the things you have to go , make a shopping list - and stick to it. Look around as you shop and enjoy the sights. Sing Christmas carols in the car really really loud.

And most importantly remember if you do none of these things..someone somewhere loves you anyway.

Hugs and giggles

PS: In my CD player in the car the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Christmas CD !! - my family
hate it!!! it is my revenge for months of taxiing with duff duff music playing or some sickly icky girl band (or worse boy band) AC/DC, Ramstein, Michael Jackson (not sure whose that is) or one of daisydad's completely obscure "just found them" artists. Christmas revenge it ain't pretty but it is SO GOOD!!!!!



Linda said...

I can relate to everything you said.

That is my philosophy for Monday.

Trouble is I'm not enjoying my Lee Kernaghan Christmas album will have to see if I can find yours at least on Youtube.

daisymum7 said...

Linda you will love it!! I cry whenever I here "Once upon a Christmas". I know you can stillbuy it becasue I saw it I am going to buy a back up copy in case one of daisies kidnaps it before the Christmas light trip on Tuesday!!!


Lyn said...

Thanks, daisymum - I needed to hear that!

xx Lyn

joolzmac said...

Jeepers, it's sad when you have to escape to your car just to hear 'your' music, isn't it? My girls hate anything I have in my car, Taylor Swift at the moment, otherwise it's Dixie chicks or Lee Anne Womack or Trisha Yearwood. They usually win out and we head bang our way to where ever we are going!

I love Kenny & Dolly - I think I have that CD - Does it have "I'll be home, with bells on"?
Anyhoo, perhaps I'd better dig that one out jus to give the girls the sh*ts! Lol!

Man, you've been doing some sewing! It's good when you can get a good run at it isn't it?

Cheers - Joolz

The Vintage Rose said...

Ah Christmas time out sounds wonderful, shame I was so busy on the weekend. I might just get to that on Wed night. I think I'll dig out some Chrissy albums and finish the last of the cards and eat chocolate... I'm not going to the staff night out as I need the money for other things.. and I need some early nights this week.