Thursday, December 18, 2008

Books, paper, rules and silly moods

There are times when you are a mother when your children do something seemingly insignifcant that makes your heart burst with pride and a little voice in your heads says "wow you must have done something right".

The other day I asked daisyson 12 what he wanted from us for Christmas and his answer was books, daisygirl also requested books and daisyson7 was very impressed half way through the year when we gave a little friend of his a book voucher for his birthday - and this is what he has been asking us for for Christmas. On our last minute shopping day I was in the book store picking up a few things for the kids and something for daisydad and the lovely woman serving me was so surprised that our children had asked for books. I guess in this technological age it must seem a bit anachronistic. Anyway after spending up big on daisydad, daisyson12 and daisygirl she gave me a gift voucher for $25 which will go inside the book we bought for daisyboy7 and make his Christmas!!! ( I also got a $25 voucher which needs to be used this week so I am giving that to daisyson21 for a collection of essays compiled by Daivd Marr they were talking about it on Radio National yesterday)

I usually try to buy books second hand, and we LOVE the library but there is something very special about reciveing a brand new book for Christmas.

When I was about 4 or 5 I used to be in charge of changing my fathers library books, my mother would walk to the library with me and I would tell her which ones he had already read(apparently I remembered the pictures on the cover) I never got one wrong, and I knew where the crime, adventure travel section and biogrpahy sections were eventually the libray ladies gave me my own stepping stool to use to reach the ones high up. So by the time I was 6 would walk to the library by myself and change his books and get some for me - usually one of the shopkeepers along the way would come out and help me home with my haul - we lived on top of the bank in the Main Street - mum always said I knew more people in town than she did!

Dad would also let me choose the books from the book club and the first adult book I read I ordered from the club because it had a gorgeous cover it was called "Smiths Gazelle" something about a game lodge in Africa and probably highly inappropriate for an 8 year old but from then on I never read another childrens book (unitl I had my own kids of course) and I was hooked.

Now here are my children with the same passion and love of the printed word - absolutely one of those "you have done something right" moments.

Today is gift wrapping day - and as I warned you there are rules!

I have a basket with all the paper, ribbon and cards, scissors, and tape. there is always a sample gift wrapped with it. All gifts must be wrapped with this paper and ribbon and this year because there is a choice of two papers the right ribbon must be put on the right paper. The gift tags are all uniform as well. The only exception to the wrapping rule is jewellery purchased for me in an expensive jeweller and wrapped by them (although dasiydad has be known to ask them for specific paper so it matches!!! bless him). It all sounds quite annal when you write it down but I love the tree to look special and in theme I will show you a photo of the gifts under the tree when we get one on Saturday and put it up.

Speaking of Saturday I am not sure when or if I will get back here while we are away we are taking the laptop but I am not sure where we will find a wireless connection.

CHRISTMAS TRIVIA: The Tradition of the "gift"

The story of the wise men

After Jesus was born, wise men came to look for Him, from an area which is now in either Iran or Saudi Arabia. Although they are often called the "Three Kings", the Bible does not say how many there were, or that they were kings. Three is only a guess because they brought with them three gifts.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

They were certainly men of learning - probably today we would call them philosophers or scientists. They had seen an unusual new star in the sky, and knew that it told of the birth of a special king. (The star they saw was probably a exploding "supernova" and is known from astronomical records.) They followed the direction of the star and eventually found the place where Mary, Joseph and Jesus were staying.

To bring honour to the child, they brought rich gifts: gold, frankincense (a resin which burns with a beautiful smell), and myrrh (plant oil with a very strong sweet smell). These gifts tell us in pictures three key things about Jesus:

Gold: a gift fit for a King

Frankincense: burnt in worship of God

Myrrh: a sign of mortal human-ness - it was used to bury the dead

Have a fabulous day



Ngaire said...

I hope that you have a safe and happy christmas and a wonderful new year. I hope that your kids enjoy reading their books over the holidays.

The Old Dairy said...

Can't wait to see the pressies under the tree in that beatuifull paper.
Have a blessed Christmas time at the beach. Enjoy the peacefull times of reading as well...

Hugs Mandy

joolzmac said...

Hi DaisyMum

Yeah, both my girls love to read and always have one or two novels on the go. Both have ripped through the 4 Twilight books in no time flat.

Hubby only commented the other day that it was fantastic that they still did like reading, considering the techno age and the fact that he has never read a novel in his adult life.

I try and include a book in their presents each Christmas but this year I'm not sure what to get. Will have to pick up something this Sunday when we are in Mt.Gambier - we don't have a book shop in our town, only the newsagency.

K18 got her results yesterday - she was very pleased. Her Tertiary Entrance Rank is 88.45 but it will get bumped up a bit more because she gets points for being a country student, being the first in her family to get a teriary education etc. I think that's how it works.

All in all, 3 A's, 1 B and 1C. :) :) :)

Now we just need to find accomodation for her for next year and wait and see what the Uni offers hold on Jan.15th.

Have a lovely Christmas if I don't catch you before you head away and enjoy the summer break.

Best wishes, Joolz