Friday, July 31, 2009

Start a club today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy over at The Old Dairy posed the question yesterday do you buy organics or is your preference to buy local????

I buy organic baking stuff from the Organic shop in our village so I guess I do a bit of both. But buying organic fruit and vegetables is really expensive when you have a household of 8. I belong to a backyard vegetable growing club and we swap our excess produce which is fantastic

but for me the best bit about it is the knowledge I pick up from these very accomplished growers, and the free seedlings, seed swapping etc etc.

So why not get together with some friends you haven't met yet and start a backyard food club in your local area? Put a notice up on the community notice board take out an ad in the local paper , try the school newsletters for a free plug - in these days of the internet most of the organising can be done via email (or your own club blog!!).

Although my vegetbale garden is quite sad for lack of commitment at the moment I am still popping in a few seeds each week and transplanting them out, my yields aren't great but I know what that is about I need to feed my soil more, so off to buy manure today - see I even sound like I know what I am doing now!!!!!!



LizBeth said...

What a neat idea! We cut our garden back this year to try to avoid waste, but we STILL have an abundance of cukes and squash. I'll have to find another gardener around town. Thanks, Liz

Kadeeae said...

It is a really good idea! Seems as though you would always have a bit of variety depending on what others grew or had an abundance of :-)

Angie said...

You BUY manure? My Hubby can always find a stable where the owner is glad for him to take the animals' 'output'.

Idon't usually buy organic because it's so very expensive, even if there's only 2 of you. I do buy local where I can though.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

I buy almost entirely local, and I find that it usually means I am also buying organic. If I do buy something that is none local, I do my best to make sure it is organic and fair trade.

I agree with Angie - you buy manure? Ask around. You can probably get it for free. I spoke to a couple people at the Farmer's Market and they have both told me to come out and get some.

The Old Dairy said...

I have looked into this once before but thee was no interest in my area, so I will have a look around Tmba and see what they have to offer...Now I have a paddock full of cow poo, bring your tralier, some willing hands and we can have our cuppa while watching the child labor load the trailer...A nice dream as I know it would be us doing the

Margaret's Ramblings said...

What a lovely idea. We offer our excess to our neighbours and always shop local. It is all about creating communities, isn't it.