Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camouflage and ribbons!!!!

Every year at the local show they have the Army recruiting van this year they gave out these really cool torches and water bottles - daisyson8 just had to try on the full pack and see if he could hold it up this year. He must have grown he can stand in it this year!!! ---just. The big smiles say it all really.
Every family has that kid that spoils every photograph by poking out his tongue, rolling his eyes, looking away or scowling into the lens.... meet daisyson5. He couldn't get the pack on so he just tried on the vest. Caroline over at the Simple Things has a son who is in the Army I wonder if he tried on the pack at their local show when he was a little boy?
And finally a little brag - I entered a quilt actually daisyson18's birthday quilt and I won a third prize for it!!! I was really thrilled. I was more thrilled to learn someone wanted to buy it but of course I couldn't sell it - then she asked if I would make her one....stilll wondering how I would charge for it - anyone out there who has made this pattern "Carolina Crossroads" by Bonnie from Quiltville knows just how long it takes. Anyway they gave her my number and I suppose we will see if she is serious or not.
Have a fabulous week as you can tell things for me have resumed a "normal" pace and I have some time spare. So hopefully I will be posting more often can't guarantee everyday but certainly at least twice a week or more.
Love and hugs


The Old Dairy said...

WOW!!!! what a great quilt, I don't think you can put a price on some thing that big and all the hours you put into it...Love the cheeky little solders....

joolzmac said...

Yay, DaisyMum is back on line! Yes, lovely quilt by the way and congrats!

Re Vegemite - I can't run out of the stuff, like Linda. I always say - if you've got bread and vegemite - you've got a meal!

Cheers - Joolz

Linda said...