Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally a day off!!

This has to be quick having a day off with the daisies today.

I bought my bread maker last weekend I opted for the cheapest one I could find just to make sure I would use it etc.

It is great planning on using it just for dough tomorrow and baking some bread rolls, but popping everything in clicking the switch adn coming back three hours later to find bread is pretty good!!!!

I found sour dough mix that tastes okay and have loads of organic flours to make all kinds of weird combinations - it is fun - haven't done any sweet bread ones yet but thinking a fruit loaf this weekend.

Other than that the vege garden provided a zillion peas, some kale, carrots, beans and one lone broccoli(the possum likes broccoli). Haven't the time at the moment so going to fill it with manure and leave it for the longer days. I still have onions and potatoes coming along but the other bed is going to have a rest.

I have finished baout five quilt tops lately and am finally making some progress on the single bed quilt I am hand quilting.

Not going to promise photos becasue it never seems to happen but with three whole days stretching out in front of me who knows ....................

love and hugs


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