Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another deep and meaningful question...............

And there is was tucked into one of the last paragraphs of Rhondas (down to earth blog) blog post from the other day(and live with stark white minimilism if you want to). See I look at the photos of Rhonda's home and I love it but I know I could never have my home look like that. I guess what I see is the love that radiates out of her personality shining through in two dimensional images - so what does that say about me??

Well at the moment I think it says there are nine people living in this house keep as many surfaces free of stuff as you can - there will be time to fill it when they leave!!!!!! But I could be wrong perhaps it is just that I don't know where to begin.

I have some lovely things but honestly the thought of hauling knick knacks out of boxes and displaying them kind of leaves me cold. But the thought of some lovely silver pieces sitting in the cupboard to be trotted out a few times a year for a dinner or party also makes me cross. I have lovely glasses and plates and I use them - I don't want my family to wait until I am dead to drink out of the waterford crystal wine glasses - they are gorgeous and substantial and make even the cheapest wine something special but in the giant scheme of things they are just glasses.

Perhaps that is the personality that comes across in my house - it is just stuff - perhaps I am just too time poor to titivate things like I used to.

So my weekend question to you all is ....... is your home truly a reflection of you or a reaction to your lifestyle????????????


Margaret's Ramblings said...

If my home is a reflection of myself then my head must surely be in a muddle, LOL. Especially during the summer months when I spend so much time in the garden.

I agree with you about using your beautiful stuff right now. When my Nana died we found beautiful nightwear that she had put away 'just in case'. Well the 'just in case' never arrived. I wish she had had the pleasure of wearing it.


Maree Rose said...

What a great question... I think it is something we all strive for - to have our home tell a story of us. Mine absolutely does not and it's not that I have children to deal with either - it is just me and my husband. But whenever I think about this (and that is very often) I am like you, I have no idea where to start. And the thought really overwhelms me. Maybe we can make a deal to change one thing a week to reflect us in our house.... Even that thought tires me!