Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dropping by again

I cannot believe the week is almost gone again. I was out last night and looking at the sky and it is decidedly lighter these days at 6pm than it was a few weeks ago - which means the sun is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are a lot of you who will be complaining about the heat but I love the sun and the summer - I am one of those people that gets quite depressed in the depths of winter for lack of sunshine.

Now that I am working again I get to work some days when it is barely light and go home in the dark - not much fun. So I have made a pact to walk in the sunshine for at least 1/2 hour everyday. When I was home I could garden or hang out the washing but being stuck in the air conditioning makes it more challenging.

Fortunately everything in our little village is quite close so the other day I walked to an open home that I was attending with a co worker instead of driving the car. It is amazing how much more productive I am when I get out in the sun.

Tomorrow is Buddy's Friday over at Margarets Ramblings if you haven't seen her buddy posts and those she attracts from other bloggers have a look tomorrow they are always worthwhile.

Thinking it is time to do a tutorial on making a beach watch this page for instructions over the weekend.


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