Monday, August 3, 2009

No rhyme or reason just time to think.....

At the last quilting retreat Daisyfriend1 gave me these off cuts from a quilt she was putting together. As you can see they are small but for some reason I couldn't let her throw them ...
I don't think its merely that I hate waste - I suspect that I have a bigger aversion to cutting out and the thought of cutting a zillion little triangles - well anything really - never appeals to me.
But being able to sit at the machine and just sew things together - that is pure bliss!!! As those of you who know quilting can see no quarter inch foot just me and some scraps and a sunny afternoon........................perhaps this will be one of the 18th brithday quilts I need to make who knows.

So I've sewn them together and then sewn two of those squares together and so on and so on.....
I've also unearthed some orphan blocks left over from old quilts and some other bits and pieces I just couldn't throw out becasue they are already cut and ready for an afternoon of sewing.

Some made these they are quite big about 8inches square.
There is something very liberating about just sewing scraps. I have already mentioned I hate cutting out - there is such a responsibility in getting out a new piece of fabric and measuring and cutting and checking - but with scraps it doesn't really matter does it?? After all, they are already just one step away from being binned so if something gorgeous (or I-can-live-with-that) doesn't emerge you can relax but cutting into hundreds of dollars worth of new fabric? You need to think and plan and all that stuff before you get to the fun bit.

So while I sewed - I have composed this blog in my head ready to publish tomorrow (today), worked out what we are having for dinner all this week and what I need to buy, planned my work day and sketched out the week, and decided that this will not be a gift quilt it will be a quillow for daisyson12. I have also worked out what pattern I will make the 18th birthday quilts and what fabrics I will use.
And I have come to the conclusion that sewing scraps is very therapeutic for me, I might even trim them into real sizes (but then again maybe i won't!)

Not sure what they will all look like once they are together but they will all be together soon. All those little bits are now bigger bits, so now it is just nutting out a layout of sorts to accomodate all of them - after all I don't want any leftovers!!!!!!!

Imagine having enough fabric to make a whole quilt top in four or five little ziplock bags!!! It never ceases to amaze me. I even have a name for this quilt "the ruffian" which works on so many levels (lol).

PS: the vege garden didn't get a look in, but I did make two loaves of bread, a casserole and a cake.


joolzmac said...

Sounds like a good day home for you.
I love quillows! My mum made both my girls one each and they used to sit watching telly, all snuggled up with them. I might drag them out again - very handy.
Your Ruffian quilt will be great when finished - keep showing us progress pics please. They are such a lovely gift.

Cheers - Joolz

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Creative lady, you have just been tagged, LOL