Monday, July 20, 2009

The local Show.....

I know I am biased about where I live but we serioulsy have the prettiest (or one of the prettiest) Showgrounds on the planet. Here are a couple of views taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel yesterday afternoon about 3.30pm.

Bear in mind for those of you in the Northern hemispherre we are in the middle of our winter!

The showgrounds is set right in the middle of a housing estate 1 acre to 1 1/2 acres blocks loads of horses etc, this is the main arena with "house" mountain in the background.

And here you can see the carpark and over towards the houses - the Showgrounds is about a one minute drive from our home so we buy a $25 family membership and spend various times there over the weekend.

I got there early Saturday to watch a friend compete with her horse, then daisydad took the kids mid afternoon for sample bags and rides, I got home from an afternoon tea with my MIL and took them back for the fireworks.

Then yesterday as daisyson12 has that awful coughing bug (which meant no football for him) we went back and spent no money (well just a little) and collected all the freebie notebooks, magnets, pens, stickers, arm bands and entered all the free competitions, watched the parade, the duck herding, the free circus, the motorbike show and of course the pig races!!! Daisyson8 did some sport on the main arena, we sat on the grass in the sun and caught up with friends, indulged in the free wine tasting and wandered around the "beaut ute" show.

Some families I know take their picnic lunch becasue once you pay at the gate you can park your car and go back to it as many times as you like they have an esky in the car and picnic in the carpark, we were a bit more financial this year and so we ate dagwood dogs (I know they aren't real food, I know they are so bad for you - but what is a show without dagwood dogs and fairy floss???)

We had an amazing day and I was very impressed with all the horticultural entries we had howling winds here Thursday night and all the roses I contemplated putting in blew away as did the camellias. But the standard of entreis was AWESOME and the fruit and veges were amazing.

I entered some grapefruit and some lemons but made the mistake of picking them not cutting them with stems on so my entry wasn't looked at - I had the lecture from one of the stewards and now I know what to do for next year!

I hope everyone in my part of the world enjoyed the fabulous weather yesterday and got out and indulged in some mid winter sunshine.....there was a hint of summer on that breeze.


PS: tomorrow the quilt I entered and signing the boys up for the armed forces!!


joolzmac said...

Hi DaisyMum

Wow, your show looks great. Ours, unfortunately, seems to dwindle in attendance and exhibits each year. And you are so right - a show is not a show without dagwood dogs and fairy floss...or hot jam donuts, cream filled waffle cones, toffee apples and a steak & onion sandwich from the Lion's Club bbq!
Ha, I love it!
Good girl for exhibiting some stuff - I should put a few things in the cooking because if people like us don't give it a go and the old exhibitors die off, there will be no country show.
Sounds like you had a fab weekend.

Cheers - Joolz

Angie said...

Hi Daisymum! Northern Hemisphere calling..........yep it's supposed to be summer up here but you wouldn't know it in England. I love going to local shows; some are better than others as to what's there.I have noticed though that there are not the competitions thre used to be - Cooking, Gardening, Poshest dog/ Waggiest tail/ Smileyest Face. I do enjoy them though (if the sun shines)