Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A quick one to let you know - blogging again is keeping me honest...got out and weeded the rest of the vege patch and planted squash, beetroot( a bit late but oh well) and lettuce.

Also planted some seeds of rocket, beans and tomatoes.

Not much but it is a start - and now it is raining ever so gently....I am taking that as a sign.

photos soon!



Angie said...

Nothing gentle about the rain we've got. In fact it was a bit sleety earlier on. My sis has a big veg ploy and looking at it just now, wearing its dank November outfit, you would never dream whast lurks beneath the soil waiting to pop up!

joolzmac said...

Yes, I got some tomato plants in - not sure if I will plant out my Topsey Turvey planter yet. It works in theory but was a bit of a nuisance keeping the water up to it.

Angus would throw a fit if I planted geraniums in that chiminea!

Cheers - Joolz

The Old Dairy said...

Thanks for the words Daisymum...I love the quote lots of chaos here so there must be a lot of change coming....Enjoying seeing you back in blogland....