Sunday, November 7, 2010

Notes from Daisy Mountain back on line!!!!

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since my last blog post!!

Thank you to The Old Dairy for getting me moving and motivated again. I love facebook I think it is a great way to stay in contact with people in "sound bites" - but for a meaningful coffee worthy, relaxing time at the computer nothing beats reading a blog post and being involved in a friends life.

Not sure whether sustainable living is still my main theme for here - things have taken a distinctly consumeristic turn of late with me working 6 days a week (and for the last 29 days - 7 days a week).

But there are some volunteer cherry tomatoes growing over the old chook pen, and some of those yummmy purple and white beans rambling over the lantana in the back of vegetable garden - and I did plant some white with purple spots sweet potatoes I got from a client the other day so I guess I can claim some credibility.

As for the quilting - I have started a new mystery quilt, finished hand quilting that single bed one and am half way through another one. The good news is one of my dear friends is quilting all my finished tops for me (well all but 2!) so soon I will have lots of new photos to show you all.

Family wise there have been some changes two of the oldest boys daisyson 23 and daisyson 19 moved out about three months ago - and hey presto the house is staying tidy, the electricity bill is cut by a third and the washing is now manageable! I miss them like mad but they are happy and healthy and living not too far away. And for the first time in 15 years we have a"normal" size family.

Work wise - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job, I work in the best office with the best people and everyday is a joy. I have managed to sell over $5,000,000 worth of real estate in one year which is right in line with the goal I set myself so I am pretty happy.

Lifestyle wise things have changed a bit too Daisyman has a new job - the grown up job you apsire to when you reach middle age kind of job - it is a credit to him and his expertise and he is loving it. But I had a few months of being able to rely on him for picks and drop offs and now that has changed so my work day begins after I drop off daisyson 9 and daisyboy6 and finishes at 2:30 when I leave the office to collect them.

For about a week I panicked and moped about it, then I realised it gives me more time here in Daisy Mountain - to do things like the garden, the housework etc. - not that I have done any of that yet - but that is the plan - lol.

But seriously it is nice to be home to cook a proper meal and I am back in touch with the kids again - I was spending so much time at work that I missed liturgies sports days all sorts of things. So this new change has given me my mummy time back.

All this happened about four weeks ago right about the time I came down with whooping cough so I have been feeling dreadful - but that is now well and truly under control and getting better - so this week today is the start of a new kind of balance.

And I am relying on all of you to remind me about it when you see me straying back to workaholic mode.

So that is me and the last year in a nutshell - I hope you are as happy as I am that I am back in blogland.



The Old Dairy said...

Yippie your pleased to see you back in blogland....looking forward to some regular posts from you, you could post on your stiching as I am sure you have plenty and I would love to see some pics.....

Cathy said...

Hello Daisymum
So good to see you back - I did wonder how things were going.
Thats the trouble with work - if we let it or through necessity it can consume our lives and the good things sort of go by the wayside. Hope to see more posts
Take care

joolzmac said...

Yay! Good to see you back. You are right, facebook is good but a blog with pictures is so much better! I've been in a bit of a blog funk of late too so I hope to get back to regular blogging, focusing on cooking and baking which it seems, is all I have time for, as it is a neccessity of life.

Cheers - Joolz

Linda said...

I am happy you are back in blogland, your comment on Mandy's post was lovely. And having a normal sized family, that is what I now have, though the older ones, even though not there are still a little bit of an added extra. I heard not many people succeed in real estate, it was in the UK I think, probably applies here too. I am happy for your husband, wonderful.