Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful Sunday Morning

Today was to be my first day off in 33 days but as fate would have it I had a huge day in Open Home land yesterday and I have some buyers who want a second inspection on one of my properties.

Now to be fair I did try to organise it for Monday or Tuesday telling them I hadn't had a day off in a month - but one is starting a new job tomorrow and hey have little kids - and my seller needs to move on with her life.

So I chose to look at it differently I will get dressed, take the kids with me and drop them to the park in town (with ice cream money) do my inspection then sit and have a coffee while the kids play. I like the idea of afternoon tea in the village today - and I wouldn't have even thought of it if these people hadn't wanted this inspection.

So the lesson is - always look out for the possibilities in every situation.

Other than that I am planning on getting the house clean in a blitz this morning, cutting out some more pieces of my Mystery Quilt, planting out some more seedlings in the vegetable garden (did I mention the nursery is right next to the park!!) and getting my quilt marked up with the quilting lines so I can continue hand quilting tonight, and getting to church later today.

These are the bits of the Mystery Quilt I have cut so far - not even enough to complete the first part of the first block!!! Need to get a wriggle on with this today so I can sit and sew for a while.

This is Sascha - we are looking after her for her owner who is away until February. What I didn't mention when I told you the big boys had moved out was that they took Turbo with them and Buddy went to live in Mitchell with a friend of daisyson23 - he is happy and healthy and spends his days mustering goats!!
So we were dogless - we looked at getting another one and at fostering for the RSPCA and then Sascha turned up. She is a great dog she never barks, doesn't chew shoes, doesn't dig, loves to go for a walk (but not too far she is 7) and her only vice is ripping the soccer and footy balls to shreds so the kids play in the back paddock instead of the yard.
We will miss her when she goes back to her owner in February and perhaps by then we will be ready for a permanent four legged member of the family.

Enjoy your Sunday whereever you are


Cathy said...

Great way to think about the day Daisymum
I hope it turns out fruitful for you

joolzmac said...

Sounds like a very busy Sunday to me. I plan on a slack attack apart from washing, tidying, blogging, maybe cooking a cake or some muffins for school. Weather is dreary and drizzly so probably no gardening unless it fines up this arvo.

Enjoy your day,


joolzmac said...

Okay, so I pulled my finger out and weeded for 1/2 an hour so the garden is looking better. I've made brownies for school tomorrow, washing in, off and folded & put away. Later Gus is doing Stephanie Alexander's herb crusted, butterflied lamb roast (from Junior MasterChef)and Brianna is making a pavlova to have with strawberries and cream.
It's nearly 4pm so I'm gonna have a glass of red. Ah, bliss! :)


If you send me that cross-stitch, it will still be a UFO in another 18 years! I want to sit and stitch but I think I'd probably get dozy and fall asleep!

The Old Dairy said...

Daisy mum between you and joolzmac I feel dam right lazy...sitting here finnishing off a bottle of red I got from Stanthorpe and THINKING about all I have to catch up on now...