Monday, November 8, 2010

My year in Quilts

Old Dairy Lanes:

This quilt was a mystery quilt posted by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville some time ago she called hers Old Tobacco Roads, as the area she lives in is an old Tobacco growing area. We live in Dairy Country and I chose to use green for the stepping stone blocks hence "Old Dairy Lanes".

This was a fun quilt to make loads of little pieces but all strip pieced so it was quite quick - basically for you quilters out there, it is pinwheels and four patches set on point with alternating bricks of a plain colour - in this case greens. It is completely scrappy all I did was separate lights and darks and just go for it.
This one is Charm Square Swap
We had a swap at quilt group (the one I never get to - or hardly ever! see it isn't just blogging that has been squeezed out of my life). We broke into groups of 10 and each month we all had to bring in ten charm squares (5 x 5inch) all the same so at the end of the year we ended up with 12 sets of 10 scrappy charm squares - 120 in all. My group had just 7 so we had a few less.
They were so different I was at a loss for a while - but then you have to let go of the "colour control" sometimes and just let it happen - tie it together with something darker and plain and this is the result.....
Be Attitudes:
This quilt "Be Attitudes" I have been working on for a while as you can see if you look closely, there is MUCH hand stitching to be done (nobody has any eyes!) Thought I might do that when we go on holidays over Christmas.
So there you go a few of the quilts I ahve staqrted or finsihed in the last 12 months.
Have a fantasitc Monday!

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