Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've been tagged................

Here I am thinking to myself - the boys are still not well they are staying home from school daisydad will come home at 11 so I can go to a meeting and work this afternoon - what will I blog about today? ( it was going to be something about harvesting 15 kilos of potatoes without the bloody garden fork..)...and along comes Margaret from Margarets Ramblings and tags me. I have to divulge seven things about me that I think are amazing ....

I am tempted to put down that I am still sane but you all know that already so here goes

1: My children are by far my greatest and most enduring achievement daisyson22 is an electrician, daisyson21 has just started a carpentry apprenticeship, daisyson18 works in local hardware store four days a week and studies a uni course via distance education, daisygirl14 is a thoughtful, resourceful and attuned young lady, daisyboy12 is a typical 12 year old with a soft and caring side to his nature that his loudness masks a lot of the time, daisyboy8 is simply gorgeous and perfect he is smart, funny and a demon at gin rummy and canasta!!!, and daisyboy5 is a delight funny, loving and very interested in animals and nature.

2: My husband we met at 15 - he proposed when I was 17 - I refused - he moved away for work - we always remained friends - I married someone else had five kids - my marriage fell apart - daisydad came back - he proposed I figured I wasn't going to get a thrid shot at it so I said yes - I live in a Mills and Boon Novel!!!! He is the most wonderful caring, loving, handsome, dependable perfect man on the planet.

3: I worked out that I have raised over $150,000 for schools and charities working on various commitees and starting up things over the last 10 years. I started the markets here in town and I am very proud of that. Next year we will join the Show society and I will head up the team for our patchwork groups Quilt Show.

4: I surprise myself all the time I am one of those "where Angels fear to tread types" I find myself agreeing or volunteering to do things I know nothing about - and then I think I should be worried but I never seem to be I just do what needs to be done, find an expert when i don't know how and get on with it. Whether it is quilting, cooking gardening, organising anything I look back at some of the things I have taken on and I am truly surprised.

5: I miss my mum she passed away four years ago last week - I thought it might get easier or less painful or something but there is this empty hole inside me.

6: Here I am at 46 and I still want to do another four or five jobs before I shuffle off this mortal coil, I think I would like to be a nurse - not a sick people nurse no patience for that - but a theartre nurse, and I would like to sell and lease commercial real estate, and I would like to own a b&b or maybe the quilting retreat my daisyfriend1 and I keep talking about, oh and I would like to write a book or at least finish one of the three that I have started.

7: I am not looking forward to being a grandmother - my friends are all gaga over babies but to be honest I am over it - I guess it is different when you only have one or two kids or have four really close together they are all over and done with and gone, then they come back with their kids in tow. But I am still the mother of a 5 year old for heavens sake why on earth would I want more babies around. Fortunately there appears to be only a slim chance of that happening so fingers crossed I get a few more "baby free" years.

Now who do I want to tag?????

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joolzmac said...

Thanks Daisymum,

I'll give it a bit of thought then do my post.

I found yours very interesting and it just cemented in my mind, what a lovely person you are. You sound truly happy with your lot.

Stay tuned,


Linda said...

I still have a 7 year old, so I understand, I'd like a couple more years yet.

Angie said...

7 Children!!!! Respect to you, Daisymum. You've certainly had your work cut out over the years, and all the voluntary things and now YET MORE.

Of course I'll do your tag but I'm not sure I can think of 7 whole things! I'll have a think tonight and then give it a go tomorrow on my blog (Can you all hear me at the back)

Angie, xx

Linda said...

I had some ideas, but of course I have forgotten with my day out. Thanks for the tag, working on it.

Joyce said...

Hello, Daizymum,

You do sound to be an amazing person. Your willingness to take on the unknown is something I really admire.

I am Linda, Remote Treechanger's, blogging friend, so wanted to see who tagged her. :P

P.S.-I may copy the idea behind your first answer, since I feel exactly the same way about my children.