Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ASPARAGUS and potatoes

So anyone planted asparagus??? Do you leave it in the garden for years or do you pull the crowns each year like daffodils????????

Think I might be in way over my head with this one......but we eat so much of it I figured it would be good to grow it instead of buy it.

So any advice would be greatly appreciated.....

This is the bucket of potatoes I harvested without the garden fork the other day it was kind of therapeutic to dig in the dirt with my hands and come up with these.

I found loads more when I found the garden fork and dug over the beds on Sunday.



Linda said...

Hi. I found you from "Margarets Ramblings" G'day. Thought I would answer your question re. asparagus. Here in Queensland/Australia it is permanently left in the ground. Don't crop until the second season to give the crown time to build up strenght. Because we have such a great growing climate here, we crop several times a year with ours....giving it a rest in between. Best of luck....there is nothing like fresh asparagus. Mmmmm. and wandering past and breaking of a piece to nibble on while you are gardening. Yum :-)

Angie said...

'Morning D/mum - in England we have such a short season of asparagus. About a month mid May to mid June.....if you blink you miss it.

The crowns are left in the ground here and we don't usually crop any until they are about 3 years old. We just cut off the odd spear that appears before then because there's hardly enough worth muckying a pan for.

For me you have a fantastic meal just the asparagus and potatoes. For my hubby I usually roast some smoked pork loin as well.

Lucky lucky you!

Angie, x