Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moods of the Mountain

This is what our mountain looked like early this morning all misty and brooding. The other morning when I woke up there were waterfalls all over th rocks it was so beautiful but I forgot to take a photo of them.

I love living in the protective embrace of this mountain over to the elft of the photo is the saddle where the village is located it is through this gap that all the storms come roaring in from the west. It is also why we get wet a lot, once the clouds hit the hill they drop their rain on us!

Another new challange next week me going off to work while the kids are home on holidays how strange that will seem.

I will also not be posting much for the next few weeks as my study materials for the Real Estate Sales Licence have come through so I will be hitting the books and getting it done.

Have a wonderful Easter be careful if you are travelling, be joyful if you are spending time with your family and most of all be peaceful in your heart - just because it is good for you.




Leslie said...

A Happy Easter to you and your family !
I love mountains, I live in the Ozark mountain range.

joolzmac said...

Hi Daisymum,

Happy Easter to you and yours. We are off for 2 weeks holiday. I may do a few posts while we are away - the girls are taking a laptop for DVD viewing.
Hope the Real Estate licence goes well. It is a good field to get into. My sister-in-law has just started selling RE and really enjoys it.
Hope your family helps out while you are at work, I'm sure they will.

Cheers - Joolz