Friday, April 17, 2009


Well my garlic is up and growing like mad obviously it is okay with living in tyres.

BUT not one of the seed potatoes I planted in the raised beds has come up - I keep waiting and waiting but nothing!! My tyre ones are fine growing like mad but not the garden bed ones I thought it may have been too wet but they are very well drained so not sure what is happening.

Other veges are growing well and I planted out some basil seedlings, tomato seedlings and some cauliflower seedlings over Easter.

My eldest Daisy is 22 tomorrow where did that time go???????

Work is frantic being two short weeks and considering I do short hours anyway it has been awful, but the kids seem ok with being home and I have two days off once I get through today.

A very close friend of mine moved to Melbourne a few months ago and she has started her blog about it go to and check out her adventures. This woman is an amazing gardener and once they move into their new home and she starts transforming the yard you will be in awe. That is what I am looking forward to watching I have had the priveledge of watching her transform a few homes now and being able to keep track of this one too is very special.

Okay no photo slack I know but I will take some this afternoon of the Garlic and the potatoes etc and just post photos tomorrow.

have a wonderful day!!



Stewart said...

Congrats on the garlic.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Tried the link to your friend's blog and it just took me back to yours. Could you redo it again> I would love to watch her progress.

My garlic and onions are growing well and I am just amazed at the growth of the potatos.


Gill - That British Woman said...

no planting up here yet for another three to four weeks yet, still a risk of frost until May 24th.

Gill in Canada

Hguelcylimaf said...

Happy Birthday daisyboy 22! I can't believe they're all growing up and it seems so fast.

Hguelcylimaf said...