Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthdays birthdays birthdays.............

Last Thursday was daisyboy7 birthday (henceforth daisyboy8). He is a fantastic little boy who gives us no trouble - even if he does get up at 4am on a Saturday dressed and ready to go to rugby - peeling our eyelids back and asking us if it is time to go yet or do we wait until the sun comes up! No seriously every Saturday...

Saturday was "the birthday party" for daisyboy4 we asked all the kids in his class and they all came bar about three!! With their mums and/or dads and siblings what a riot!! there were kids everywhere it poured with rain just as I was wondering how on earth to get everyone settled to cut the cake! The sun came out and all the kids went and played in the puddles (the invite did say "get dirtiable clothes') We had just packed up and were ready to jump in the car to head to Toowoomba for my BIL 60th birthday party when a kid arrived at the gate his mother had gotten the time wrong! He was in tears so we did more cake, more lollies, shoved some chips and soft drink into him, opened his gift and promised he could come and play one Saturday. Then packed up and left for Tba.

We were so exhausted I need to apologize to my sister and her husband for going to bed so early we went to be when the kids did!!

Today is daisyboy4's actual birthday (henceforth daisyboy5) - yes I get the irony of it being Arpil Fool's Day believe me if you knew the story of how he came to be it would be even funnier.
So after another cake tonight at about 7:30 when everyone gets home from rugby training, netball training, league training and meetings - I will be over birthdays.....until the next one in two weeks.
Have a fantastic day


joolzmac said...

Hi Daisymum

What a huge 5th Birthday party! It nice to get together with a whole bunch of kids just to see them have fun and mud puddling does sound like great fun! Must admit because I only had two kids, birthday parties with any more than 4 extra kids were always a nightmare for me. I guess you are used to a big crowd.

Cheers - Joolz

The Old Dairy said...

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boys!!! I love little boys b/days