Saturday, April 18, 2009

Honestly they weren't there yesterday........

...but I just went outside now - after a frantically busy Saturday cleaning,shopping etc etc - and there they were.....POTATOES!!!!

What I should have done of course was label which variety I put where..... Then I would know why three rows have come up and not the other three

It is all so much easier when you plant them in tyres this stack is this and that stack is that...these are colibans (both stacks)

And here is the garlic I planted only one variety

They are in tyre stacks two high (but they are four wheel drive tyres) - and I have three stacks of them

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend - tomorrow we are off to the zoo - Over the mountain and through some back roads to Clifton. But right now I have to check on the roast lamb and ice the birthday cake.
Love and hugs


Leslie said...

Glad to see your garden growing, I just love gardens but, I don't have room to have a garden. Thanks, for sharing yours.
Enjoy the Zoo.

daisymum7 said...

You can live your garden dream vicariouslyu thorugh mine if you like Leslie. Pots can be gardens, when the kids were little and I seemed to be trapped insdei or close to the house most of the timeI used to grow my potatoes in tyres and tomatoes inpots and lettuce in pots.


Stewart said...

Hooray for the spuds!!!

The Old Dairy said...

The spuds look good and so does the garden...Let me know what you think of the Clifton Zoo as I thought about taking my Japanese students there....

Tinchen {Katrin} said...


it's so nice to see your garden growing! I love the photos very much!

I wish you much fun today - enjoy the Zoo :-)!

Have a wonderful day,
greetings from Germany,


daisymum7 said...

Katrin Welcome to Daisy Mountain. My family are from Stadt (great great grandparents).


The Vintage Rose said...

Ah patience and persistance. I have a late growing tomato bush that I will need to construct a glasshouse for, or send North to QLD as its too cold hear in the mountains. Need to construct something anyway as the possums, birds etc like to eat our produce here.

Rhonda Jean said...

Daisy, I'm sorry to tell you this but you shouldn't grow food in tyres. There is a problem with cadmium, a known carginogen.