Saturday, May 2, 2015

Much Rain !!!

This photo was posted by Frederik Eklund ( yes of Million Dollar Listing fame) he posted there was a framed poster on his parents wall with a photo of a duck gliding gracefully - and he made reference to the little feet going hell for leather under the surface.  It arrived on my FB feed just after I found out our road had been cut by floodwater - and it was so cheery and so appropriate I couldn't help but steal it and share it.

This is how I felt yesterday afternoon - paddling like crazy and the water was rising !  What a rain event that was.

There was flooding in places I have never seen it flood and so much water lying around.  Friends and relatives taking three fur and more hours to complete a 20 minute drive - and then this morning it dawns clear and bright and stunning.

A bit like my mood this week - cloudy and gloomy and then the sun comes out and it is all good again.

Enjoy your day ! ( trialling new sign off lines......)


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