Monday, May 11, 2015

Happiness Journal Results

It turns out the things that make me happy are wide and varied.

Helping a great client find the perfect house had me smiling on Monday.

Tuesday - I had lunch with a good friend - that was a happiness moment.

Wednesday -  I drove my Prado to work which I haven't done in ages cranking the country music and singing all the way - then parking miles from the office because our Prado is a 4wd not a pristine large car - So it's dirty, there's a trim panel missing and some scratches and it isn't clean but it's my favourite car To drive and I love it.

Thursday I was happy to be home and having dinner with my family.

Friday I was just happy to be put and about early doing a zillion little jobs - catching up with a dear friend.

Saturday - a quick stop in to watch the boys play rugby in between working made me happy - and coffee - and a gift of home grown herbs and flowers from a client.

Sunday - Mother's Day so much happiness - rugby for daisyboy 11 - made scones and had morning tea with the family - then sewed all afternoon - then sangria around the fire - and hamburgers with the family. Much laughter - and sangria !!!! Who can be unhappy ???

So all sorts of things push my happiness buttons - does it come from Within or without ? 

For me it comes from being true to myself just being me - being a wife, mother, friend and a real estate agent on my terms - not pretending to be what I am not.

How did you do ??

Talk soon



Joolz said...

I had a nice weekend home and did some baking for my niece who has just had a tiny baby boy. Had a flop with the first batch of biscuits - not happy! Second batch were good - happy! Gus cooked dinner Saturday night - happy!
Sunday, Mothers Day - unfortunately my girls could not be with me as Bri had to work and Kirby had netball - not happy but I totally understand and I did see them only 2 weeks ago! Bri is home this Friday for a week - happy!
Coffee and a good chat with a girlfriend then home to do some chores. Husband cooked dinner again Sunday night - happy!

angela galvin said...

Sounds like an overall happy weekend - I didn't think that first batch looked too bad.