Thursday, April 23, 2015

Working from home

This morning a I read a facebook post from a friend about how her day unfolded - working from home because One of her children was sick. It ended many many hours later standing in the kitchen sending emails with a glass of red in hand. 

When I had my own business and worked from home I was at my happiest. I would make calls order
Stock - get stuck into the work arrange
Classes and in between would
Put on a load of washing - organise dinner and sweep the floor. 

With that in mind - this was my office space yesterday afternoon - I made four appointments - over 50 calls - sent emails - and organised my diary for the next few weeks   

I was calm happy and productive - Are you able to work from home ? Are you the type who can work from home  or do you need the office environment to keep you focused ?

Until next time


The Old Dairy said...

Working at home beats going to the workplace every glad to see you back again....hugs and smiles.

angela galvin said...

Thanks Mandy - it is so good to be back where I feel I can breathe again.