Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A lost weekend

I didn't feel like I achieved much over the weekend - well "weekend" mean Sunday for me as I work six days a week but still.

We got up later than usual - had a lovely cooked breaky and then I sat around thinking about all the things I should be doing - finally moving to weed the gardens ( that took all of 40 mins) - did a few loads of washing, hung them up, bought them in and folded them, tidied up ( finished unpacking) the bar area - cleaned our bathroom, swept outside, vacuumed, collected leaves and wood for the firepit - put more stuff away as I came across it outside - cleaned the pool, cleaned the outdoor BBQ area.  And that was it .........

One Day this will be my Garden

Then I sat back around the fire with the kids and had a glass of wine and realised - it didn't feel like work because I wanted to do it  and in a rambling wandering way I achieved an awful lot.

Until next time



Joolz said...

You sure did! Love those corrugated iron tank gardens!

angela galvin said...

Unfortunately they aren't mine - but this what the garden space will look like once I buy some - I love the look of them Joolz