Monday, April 13, 2015

Back to Daisy Mountain

We are back on Daisy Mountain !! And we couldn't be more thrilled.

Over the last three years we have enjoyed the convenience of living in suburbia  - 800m to the shopping centre, coffee shops and train.

There has been a part of me that has been very unsettled over the last few years - nothing specific but the first morning waking up exhausted in our new home looking out at the trees I realised what it was - I missed the land - the trees - the light - the birds.  How do you live three years without those things and only realise when you get them back that they are part of your soul and make you calm??

That crazy balance I was always looking for  isn't in convenience, time management , lists and scheduling - it is in living where you feel whole and connected to your family.  Busy-ness isn't a lack of balance - its just life.

Seeing the change in my children over the last week has made me realise it wasn't just me that missed the space and birds and the peace. ( although they manage to fill the peace with kid noise !)  They are no longer bedroom dwellers they are out at the fire pit with us, or on the tennis court or just hanging out in the lounge room talking.

Once again you can follow our journey - as we build new gardens, a new resilience and enjoy our Daisy Mountain.

Until next time



Joolz said...

Yay! How many acres do you have?


angela galvin said...

Seven acres Joolz
- will start showing you around on the blog tomorrow

The Old Dairy said...

Good to see you back, looking forward to seeing around...

angela galvin said...

Nice to be back The Old Dairy - I have some catching up to do in the Grandchildren department though!