Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sustainability isn't just about vege gardens

Sustainability for me isn't just about vegetable gardens, recycling and buying organic.

It is about accepting the gifts and talents you were given - we are all part of the natural world and if we follow the thinking through then there is a reason each of us is here in the form we are in.

I just read a facebook post about someone who was revelling in actually diving in the pool - she had been resisting all day in 36 degree heat because she had straightened her hair.

If you were born with wavy or curly hair then you can bet your life there is a reason for that just like tree frogs and short sightedness.

I am not saying that for a special occassion it isn't nice to do something different with your hair but a long long time ago I relaised that fighting nature is just stupid, heartbreaking and expensive. My hair is STRAIGHT no amount of curling with tongs, curlers or anything else will make it stay anything other than straight - so I gave up. I hate my hairstyle always have but it is easy and the way my hair naturally sits.

My hair is also very dark - almost black - I hate that but fortunately I can change that easily each month with a little box of colour even if I do have to empty the rinse water out instead of putting it down through the biocycle.

So save yourself some time and energy - let your hair do what it is meant to do - yes fellas even if that is fall out - nothing worse than a plugged head and don't think nobody can tell BECAUSE YOU CAN - AND IT LOOKS WEIRD!!

You can't fight nature and if your spend a day sweltering because you have spent an hour straightening your hair then that is just sad.

End of rant

have a great day



Mrs A said...

btw you forgot about humidity and hair frizz, now thats a good look!! hope you had a good hair day!

Caroline said...