Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dinosaurs and Dynamos

I am a baby boomer (albeit - a late baby boomer - which apparently means we get to claim some Gen x traits). But the gap that I see widening between agents who came into Real Estate less than 10 years ago and the ones (like me) who have just arrived is already huge and widening every day.

I remember talking about "old school" agents ("press hard triple copies on the hood of the family car" types) - but now I see them having a new classification as Dinosaurs whereas the younger agents are absolutely the Dynamos. Which logically makes the other group Darwins.....subject to evolution or extinction.

Last week I had the very great pleasure to be helping a younger colleague at his mid week auction. This is a disciplined, gentle, intelligent man with impeccable manners and ethics so I am happy to help out when he asks me. There he stood in his suit with his iPad cradled in his arm like a newborn, tapping away while talking to prospective buyers and auction attendees. He looked so cool, so professional and so completely in control that the fact that there were no registered bidders and that the mother of all thunder storms was bearing down made little difference to the evening.

Now I know some of you who have followed me for sometime think I am superwoman but believe me - I looked like Louie the Fly compared to this kid!

Is that scary ? - well may be for some - and I can tell you now that I know a handful of agents who won't be around in 3 years because technology and the level of professional sophistication that we will be expected to have will be out of the bounds of their abilities.

But I think while I still have a deep and abiding love of new gadgets, technology and good old fashioned communicating that I might survive this particular "extinction" but as always time will tell.



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