Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 - what a way to start a year !!

This first post of the year was going to be last week and about our holiday- a new addition to the family and things like that.... now that all seems a bit trivial.

So a quick round up:
We have a new puppy she was a Christmas present from our son - her name is "pudding"

She is now about 9 weeks old and is very cute and getting used to us - I on the other hand keep stepping on her because she is always right under my feet!!!!

One of the best blog posts this week was when we all heard from Mandy from The Old Dairy - it was great to know she and her family were safe and dry.

I think now with all the devastation around from the flooding it is a good time to remind oursleves that fruit and vegetables will be expensive and probably in short supply - so yesterday I planted some tomatoes and lettuce and few bits and pieces more than I normally would because I figure if I have excess I can share it.

So Welcome to 2011 - we Queenslanders sure know how to start the year off big!!! My thoughts go out to the families in WA facing fire threats - if we could send water we would - stay safe everyone.


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