Saturday, January 22, 2011

The list gets longer..............

As usual I have spent the first few weeks of January deciding what needs to be on the quilting MUST COMPLETE list for 2011.

I have decided to record that list here in the hope that some of you may try to keep me focussed on finishing these things rather than starting new ones!!!

- Journey of a Quilter - those familiar with this list from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 will remember it is a block of the month that I completed one block of.....

- Be Attitudes - I need to do all the hand stitching of faces and details.....

- Angels Story - another long term favourite block of the month - although I have completed four blocks, have three ironed on and ready for applique and one to embroider well as the other 7 to put together.

- my red, pink, white and black quilt - this one is only a the farbic selected stage - still haven't found a pattern for it - suggestions welcome.....

- Roll, roll cotton ball -a Bonnie Hunter mytsery quilt

- Kiss in the corner - a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt

Might work these two together like I did Caroline crossroads and Orange Crush when I got sick of one I worked on cutting or piecing the other and I finished both of them in five weeks - yes that is definitely the plan for these two.

- Birthday block quilt - at least it won't be making these blocks the girls in the quilting groups will be I will just put them together - this will be my next hand quilting project

- Zahlees Quilt - Speaking of hand quilting I have to finish the pastel quilt for my little Zahlee.

- And then there is a paper pieced quilt that I want for my new bed - it will be scrappy with a common background fabric - again suggestions welcome

And finally the one I added this morning a "Jared takes a wife " it is another of Bonnies quilts that I have rediscovered - and have decided I just have to make it ....I wonder if it would look good made with the red, pink, white and blacks I have chosen with no pattern????

Are you thinking what I am thinking ? Is she CRAZY there are too many - I agree but my mentor tells me you have to aim high .....if there is no update post in December this year feel free to renind me to fess up and see if I got to finish any of them !!!


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