Friday, December 10, 2010

Look what we got this year

These cute little guys are the ones that we bred from the ducks that daisyson6 got for his 3rd birthday, turns out they were great mothers and we got 19 ducklings hatched from them.
We lost a few to the Powerful Owl family that is nesting in the back paddock - but only when we were home too late to get them locked away.
The one we kept is now a snowy white muscovey duck and she spends her day with our lovely Gander - Kite. Poor Kite thinks she is a really small goose - and she isn't sure what she is but they are having a loveky time together anyway swimming in the dam - which if FULL with a capital F.
So with visions of fluffy yellow ducklings in your head - have a fantastic day!!

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