Thursday, January 15, 2009

One crazy week....

Although I was only supposed to be working three days a week this week I worked Monday, then went in on Tuesday because they needed me to, so I worked until 3.30 then flew home grabbed the kids and went to the library and off to do a birthday present shop for a sleepover party this weekend. I worked yesterday and this afternoon they need me to go in for a few hours as well.

Meantime I have to get the night time group for patchworkers organised finish off my tax return for the accountant, get my domain name registration paid for, get daisyson17s quilt off to the quilter so she has time to do it before his birthday oh and did I mention the washing, ironing,
folding, cleaning?

I know it is only the first week but I am wondering how I am going to cope with this - I am so tired today I would love to still be in bed.

It will probably be different when the kids are back at school I won't have that nagging guilt that I should be with them not at work.

I know I will be drummed out of the green network for this but I am buying a dishwasher we had one while we were away and it was so easy we still only needed to put it on once a day and I used bicarb in it instead of the chemical powders and it worked very well. So with this fortnights pay check I am off to buy one, nothing fancy just something that has a high water and electricty rating then in the mornings I can load the brekky things into it and the kitchen is clean when I go off to work, it will get filled with the dinner dishes and put on then. Is this a cop out???

Off to get a heap of little jobs done and spend some much needed time with my children this morning before I go back into the office this afternoon for I what I hope will only be a few hours.



Cathy said...

Hello there
What a way to re=enter the 9-5 rat race lol
Are they short of staff or will this always be the way?
Love that beach photo, nice and refreshing
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi There I am a long time reader of your blog but this is my first post. Firstly thank you for your blog, I do enjoy reading it. I just want to say that with the water saving dishwashers that they use less water than washing up by hand. Our new one uses 14 litresa wash. It only goes on once a day. I know my sink holds more than that and I could go through at least 3 sink fulls a day depending on how many dirty pots are involved. And the tidy kitchen sink aspect is very uplifting..:-) Regards Julia

Caroline said...

Hi daisymum
Welcome back
I have sent you an email.

daisymum7 said...

Julia welcome to Daisy Mountain! Thank you I know it will make my life so much easier, but it is great to know I will be saving water as well.


joolzmac said...

Does it feel like you are more busy during the holidays than when the kids are at school? when do you find time to quilt etc?

And no, buying a dishwasher is not a cop out. I live in a house with 3 non-dishwasher/dryers. They flee the kitchen like cockroaches when you spray Baygon once dinner is over and I find it very hard to find a sink buddy so my dishwasher is my best friend!!