Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday....hand quilting and banana bread

This is a photo of the a quilt my daughter made it is her first attempt at quilting. She sewed strips of scrap fabric of all different widths on to six inch squares of telephone book pages (makes them easy to trim to the right size. When all the sewing is done you trim and tear the paper away. She then sewed these to calico squares across the diagional (twice) cut down the middle between the stitch lines and opened them out to have a square made of a plain and a pieced triangle this method is fast for kids because you get two squares at once!! Then she helped me sew them altogether to form rows then the rows together and voila a quilt top is born.

Over the holidays I have been reading some of the Elm Creek novels and I really wanted to do some hand quilting so I picked it up and the stitches you see are what I got done in an hour or so. The stitches are big because I have used a piece of pola fleece that someone gave me for the batting (it washes really well in kids quilts).

I was having a wonderful time and was really enjoying the process and could feel myself relaxing when she came in and announced that she would rather have it machine quilted!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday when my quilting buddy arrived I was telling her about it, as we looked at what we had completed or started over the holidays, as I was walking back out of the sewing room I spotted the corner of another quilt top I had finished at retreat last year - the perfect hand quilting project!!!! We chose some border fabric and backing (from the STASH) and I sewed them on yesterday now all I have to do is machine quilt daisygirls quilt so I can use the pins to pin my hand quilting project. This will keep me sane it is such a relaxing rewarding thing to do.

And then there was this other friend of mine who runs one of the fruit shops in the village...he walked into work and gave me a box of bananas...they all had brown spots on them but were firm and perfect for eating or smoothies - apparently people won't buy bananas with brown spots on them so he either has them sitting there getting browner with 99c a kilo on them or he gives them to me and I (with all my spare time) turn it into banana bread - some of which goes back to him for his staff morning teas.

Normally the box of bananas is a box but not full this week (becasue I have so much spare time) it was FULL!!!!

So here are some I baked earlier .............................
minus half of the ring one we had for morning tea.......

Here is the last batch inside Gloria being cooked and there was another containter of 2 dozen muffins already in the freezer......

Can you believe people won't buy bananas with a brown spot on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So breakfast this rainy day (the water tanks just started overflowing) will be a pot of freshly brewed coffee and warm banana bread.



joolzmac said...

Hi DaisyMum

'Yum! I can smell that banana bread from here!! But it would go to waste here because I am the only one who would eat it - so it would go to my 'waist'! My girls dont like bananas, in fact K18 gags when she smells them.
....and I only buy bananas without black spots! I like a nice pristine, spot free banana, thankyou. I did freeze 3 the other day that were nearly black so I will have to make a couple of cakes or bread and gift them to people.
What are you up to for Aussie Day Long Weekend?

Cheers - Joolz

The Vintage Rose said...

hey I made banana cake yesterday too. It was a shame to heat up the kitchen on a cooler day, but we took it to a friend's for tea. Today is back to being hot and humid, although cooling off now about 8pm.datime