Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coming full circle ...

Two and a half years ago my boss at the time took us to New Zealand to visit an award winning office in Christshurch. 

That experience Was life changing for me on lots of levels - but professionally most of all. 

I loved the vibe in the office we visited. I remember telling my boss how impressive it was and enthusiastically suggesting things we could do. His response was "we will never be an office like that " and just like that I knew I had to leave. 

Today I celebrated my one year anniversary in an office that upon reflection is exactly like that amazing office I visited.

From the philosophy And business practices to the culture - it is - as I have said many times the best office I have ever worked in. 

So if  you are somewhere and you know where you want to be - keep the faith - it is worth the journey. 

Chat soon


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