Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A weekend in Melbourne

Just got back from a very cold weekend in Melbourne.

Everyone knows I am no fan of the cold but at least a Brisbane winter feels like an aberration from the norm rather than a life sentence. Bright blue skies and sunshine - if you are inside looking out you could be fooled into thinking it is a summers day.

                                              What a 14 degree day in Brisbane looks like

But not Melbourne winter settles in like a shroud - logically, historically, scientifically you know it will be warm one day but there is no promise of warmth in a Melbourne winters day - even with the sun shining!

                                                           A 12 degree day in Melbourne

So why do I go to Melbourne every year in the freezing cold? Because I love it ! I visit my very closes friend, see some amazing things, eat incredible food and soak up the very different vibe.   In Brisbane on a cold night a few people venture out - in Melbourne they go out in droves its almost as if they refuse to let the winter stop them.

The bay is always beautiful, the shopping is incredible and just an hour away is the gorgeous Yarra Valley with all the little villages, wineries and amazing views.

But it was nice to get home to a 20 degree day in Brisbane.


Mandy said...

I love winter Melbourne as well, in fact I found it no colder than Toowoomba. Maybe you need to come up the mountain to acclimatize yourself before heading down next time....

Joolz said...

Haha, harden up, DaisyMum! Us Southerners just grin and bear it. I like the cold except for the wind, I hate windy weather! I must say, you hit a cold patch when you were in Melbourne, that was a cold few days...

angela galvin said...

Hahahaha Mandy I will definitely come up and see you probably during this holidays.
Oh Julie ok one cup of cement with my lunch.