Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Its beginning to feel a lot like christmas........

I don't think anyone I speak to can quite believe it is November already.....and the end of November at that.

So I have been thinking about my series of Christmas posts for this December - no matter how busy the year gets I love my every day in December in posts.

This year I have pre planned and have a really delightful and hopefully funny set of posts to bring a smile to your faces as we rush towards THE day ......and this year YOU get to be in on the action as well - the photos I am posting will need captions - that's your only hint.

So tune in on Monday for the first in the "Christmas of 2014 Post a Day" posts

I have purchased my bon bons already - so the colour scheme is set - its red and white check !!

So now I am off to refurbish my lounge room , new couch and chair covers and a whole new decor scheme.

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Joolz said...

I really am one of those people who only get in the swing of things in December. I did do a few bits of shopping last weekend but the majority will be done in the coming weeks.

Colour scheme will be a mystery to me as we are going to Melbourne and lunch is at the Westin Hotel (swish) so I'll have to wait and see. Best thing - no planning and no dishes! I look forward to your posts through December.

Joolz xx