Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Other Life....

Thought I would share my "other existence" with you all.

This is my desk - as you can see pink predominates, the hydrangas are from daisy mountain's garden.

The green coffee travel mug is a fixture and much smarter idea than an open cup. I can't tell you how many quilt became "coffee dyed" because of an incident with a coffee cup!! It also saves all those broken coffee cups in the car as I leave the house or office with a cup of tea.

So back to my desk and the other reason for showing it to you. It is organised and clean and reasonably clear of clutter, but today is a paperwork day for me so there are two piles of stuff at the back that won't be there by the end of the day.

It has become my haven - Daisy Mountain is going to be sold and we are moving the daisy gang closer to work,schools etc. - so Daisy Mountain looks like hell !!!

I am in the middle of painting the kitchen and our bathroom, delcuttering, clearing the jungle that used to be the garden, and packing. So when it all gets too much I retreat to the calm clear space that is my desk - and update my blog!!!! hahaha

It did get me to thinking however that everyone needs a clear, clean space to retreat to when things get too much. In the days when I was religiously meditating everyday that space more often than not was in my head.

So this week's little challenge is to post a photo of your clean clear space - real imagined or hoped for...


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