Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A question of bread......

Okay so my sour dough started died and I have to start another one but that aside I think I would like to get into the whole baking bread thing s little more than one or two loaves of sour dough a week.

Of course all new ventures are fraught with questions so I will pose this one to you all.....bread makers - whaddya think??

I have always been of the opinion that they are just too small a loaf for my large family but then someone suggested I could just use it to knead the bread (great idea no time for all that these days)

So I went to ebay and there are heaps of different brands and sizes and I got confused so tell me
- do you have one
- what make and model is it
- good points
- shortcomings

anything else I need to know before I but one new or secondhand?



Margaret's Ramblings said...

I don't have any answers for you as these are questions I want answered as well so I'll be following your comments with interest. We are only two so a loaf from a breadmaking machine would be ideal.


ps: is it cheating to use the machine - please say no, LOL.

Gavin said...

I have a bread maker, and we use it to just prepare the dough. We have an older breville, but as long as you can find one that has a dough setting, it will be fine. You can make one 1kg loaf or two smaller ones like we do. Just give it a slight kneed after you remove it from the bread maker and cut in half, then bung it into two loaf tins and cook for 25 Min at 180C. We have prefect bread every time.


joolzmac said...

I have a Breville bread maker (about 10 yrs old now)and always find the bread to be stodgy (too damp). Like Gavin, I have more success using it for dough only then baking rolls and savoury pull-aparts in our kitchen oven. It also makes good pizza dough. I have only ever used prepared bread mix instead of using bakers flour, improver, yeast and other additives (too much hassle).

Rhonda Jean at down--to--earth has many recipes and tutorials on bread making - perhaps try it manually. Her loaves always look fantastic.

Let us know (pictures please)how you go.

Cheers - Joolz

PS - Can you tell I am not very busy at work?? ;)

belinda said...


Main thing about breadmakers is that if you are going to be using sourdough starters you won't be able to use it in "automatic mode" anyway, as the rise times are will be all wrong.

If you will mainly be using starters my vote would be to buy yourself a good quality stand mixer rather than a bread maker, with a good dough hook it will kneed the bread and many other things beside.

Kind Regards

daisymum7 said...

Thanks guys.

I have made sour dough for a while now by hand wasn't going to use the machine for that just the other type of yeast breads.

So maybe a good stand mixer might be better I thought if I got lazy i could just bung the hwole lot in the bread maker and walk away and it would be done.

mmm more thinking and investigating to do I see.....


Anonymous said...

You could also find a "no knead" recipe like I did... I looked in Mother Earth News magazine ~ borrowed it from the library and found a recipe with a long article about how it takes 5 minutes a day to make Artisan Bread ~ no kneading, just one quick stir with a spoon and let it sit out for a couple hours on your counter. Then stick it in the fridge and bake 4 loaves within two weeks at your leisure. I tried it and our family loved it ~ it's a crusty bread, not a "sandwich" bread. It was in an issue from this year (2009) but I can't remember which issue!
Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but FYI!

joolzmac said...

You haven't been flooded out have you?


Angie said...

Hi - I'm Angie and I just came over from Joolzmac.

I would never contemplate buying a breadmakr 2nd hand. There's always a reason why people get rid and I don't want to part with money to find out what it is!

I hve a Panasonic bread maker, which turns out a beautiful loaf and quite large too. Also you can programme it so it cooks overnight, ready for you to take out when you get up. If you need more than that just bung in some more stuff and time it to be done whenever you're going to be home!

Angie, xx