Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Day and surprises!!

Obvioulsy Mothers Day was full of surprises from my wonderful family. But I was impressd that little or no money was spent on gifts, my daughter cleaned the house for me and put flowers in all the vases and made a gorgeous cake.

My eldest boy bought me a load of mulch and proceeded to weed and mulch all the gardens for me.

Our youngest made me a lovely card and a photo frame for the fridge with his little face in it, daisyson8 bought me a scarf, a book mark and a smelly lavendar sachet to hang in my cupboard from the school craft stall (all hand made).

Only daisydad and daisyson18 went commercial from my son I got a pair of secateurs (I misplaced mine in the garden somewhere no doubt they will turn up when things die off a bit!) and a new pair of gardening gloves and from my lovely husband a bottle of my favourite perfume.

The day was spent on canteen duty at rugby, then washing jerseys for the other sons team, a few hours quilting a Fire Quilt to send to Victoria and getting some things organised to sew this week. Then a game of badminton with all the kids (really gets the heart rate up!). Then catching up on emails and the blogs and a glass of wine and home made pizza.

Bliss a simple productive wonderful day spent being a mum.


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joolzmac said...

Hi DaisyMum

What a lucky Mum you are! don't know about having to wash those rugby jumpers though!