Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lets get prepared - Your Advent Calendar

Panicked about Christmas - make this cool Advent Calendar....
  1. Put up the Christmas Tree
  2. Visit Santa
  3. Go gift shopping
  4. Make wrapping paper
  5. Draw Christmas pictures
  6. Watch a Christmas movie (the old ones I watched when I was little, You know the animated ones with Rudolph saving the day)
  7. Listen to Christmas stories and then draw a picture of the story
  8. Donate a gift to the wishing tree
  9. write Christmas cards
  10. Email Santa
  11. Play Christmas games on the computer (see links below)
  12. carols by candlelight
  13. Christmas concert
  14. listen to carols
  15. make a Christmas decoration
  16. make the Christmas cake
  17. make Christmas cookies
  18. Christmas window art
  19. Make grandparent presents
  20. make a hand and feet reindeer
  21. make Christmas gift tags
  22. wrap Christmas presents
  23. make a Christmas table centrepiece
  24. share the story of Christmas, track Santa on santa tracker (maybe midnight mass, still up for discussion)
  25. share the joy of Christmas

Still Panicked ?????  Make this advent Calendar

Tomorrow the Christmas Trivia begins....................


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