Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sewing time.....

One of the things I promise myself I would do more of is sewing. But I confess it hasn't really happened so far..... I bought these fabric to make a baby quilt for a close friend just before her 12 week appointment - tomorrow is her baby shower and they don't look much different.

So is sewing like riding a bike ?  Can you just jump on the machine and whip up a baby quilt in no time flat after being away from he machine for almost eight months - I am about to find out !

Wish me luck and send good sewing vibes my way.

Until next time

Angela aka daisymum


Joolz said...

Cute colours, I'm sure you'll produce something lovely!

I'm having a homey all by myself this weekend. Currently at work, tidying up after a busy Friday. I hate End Of Financial Year!!

Its very cold here today so I think a bit of baking is in order then snuggling on the couch with a DVD might just hit the spot.

Angela Galvin said...

Thanks for sticking with me Joolz - I am really finding more and more time to do the things I love as well as the work I love. EOFY yuck ! post some photos of your baking I think i might make some of those oatmeal and cranberry cookies that Rhonda makes. By the way will say some prayers for your niece as well.