Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas Ghosts...confront yours today !

Really just 78 Days and this year more than most I am counting down the days - for me it is 73 days - that is when we take off for holidays and head to the beach.

It has been a busy year for us all this year and work is particularly busy at the moment. I am working 6 days a week at the moment and some of those days are very very long.

At this point four years ago I would have been panicking that I didn't have the Christmas cake made, or the plum pudding fruit soaking - now it is very cruisy at some stage just before we go I will chuck a cake in the oven and if I have time I will throw a pudding in the crockpot - and if I don't have time I will buy them. Christmas drama is definitely the Ghost of Christmas Past.

The Ghost of Christmas Present however - is still bonbons - I was shopping on Sunday and I couldn't help myself I found some gorgeous "beach christmas" bonbons - which I duly snuck into the house and hid under the stairs - right next to the box I bought last year !!!  And if I had had a torch and the will I probably would have found the extra box I bought the year before too....My name is Angela and I am addicted to BonBons.

As for actual presents - they are relegated to the Ghost of the Future -  I am about to go and organise a shopping day with the girls from the office like we did last year - so much fun.  And a special shopping trip with the kids because we have a dear friend and her family joining us this year and we are all very excited about buying little girl presents!

So have the Christmas Ghosts come out to haunt you yet this year ?

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