Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day 2012

Australia Day - and a very different one for our family this year.
Normally we set up the BBQ and the tables in the back paddock make sure there is a pathway mown to the dam and invite all and sundry and then some to bring along a picnic and celebrate with us.
This year we did things a little bit differently - we weeded the garden, took rubbish to the dump and then lazed around most of the afternoon until it was time to walk to the Club for a drink - now dinner is cooking away (and smells great) in the oven because - we have no BBQ !
How unAustralian is that ? No BBQ on Ozday - why you ask?
Well when we moved we got rid of the old one and thought we would get something a bit smaller and more suited to a suburban home deck ( and I wasn't sure if I cleaned all the muck off the outside of the old one that it wouldn 't fall apart!).
So we looked and researched and eventually settled on the one we wanted - which wasn't in stock - so we paid a hefty deposit safe in the knowledge it would be here by mid January - until early January when we got a call to say it would be here in February - because it is a very popular model.
Then naturally we get a phone call last week to say it won't be here until March - March !!!! March - BBQ season is over in March - it gets cooler in March - football starts in March.
But I am determined to look on the bright side the new bbq will still look new for Next summer - unless the phone rings which case we might be picking it up next summer.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Why don't you just get your money back and find another one?