Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Mummy day

On Tuesday I went off to work sat there for about an hour staring at the computer screen knowing that there were things I should be doing. After a while I realised that sitting there wasn't doing anyone any good so I packed up did some grocery shopping and came home. Now the thought twelve months ago of coming home from an exciting vibrant place filled with interesting people to do housework would have never crossed my mind. But on Tuesday that is exactly what I needed.

I called it a mummy day but in reality as I sit here and write it was a Rhonda Day - those of you who read Rhondas blog Down to Earth will know exactly what I mean.

I swept and mopped floors, dusted, rearranged, cooked, washed, folded, ironed, tidied and gardened. After about an hour of working up a sweat with the broom and vacuum I felt great.

And finally after about 6 weeks there are flowers in my vases again nothing makes me happier than flowers from my our garden inside the house.

Sometimes I think you need to make sure your home is still a haven before you can go out and be constructive and productive in the wider world.
Have a Great Day


joolzmac said...

That's how I feel most days. I try to get to work at 10am but lately I'm just walking out the door at 10.45 or later. Lucky it's our own business or I'd get the sack! It's even worse if we are quiet at work and I know there are things needing doing at home!

I keep finding things to do - chuck an extra load of washing in, fold that load that's tumbled dry, fold the towels and put them away, take the papers out to recycling bin, wipe up that mark off the floor, coffee table needs a wipe over,put away Brianna's phone charger, put away nail polish and remover that she used last night and left out, put away the Wii fit console and yoga mat (again!), tidy Angus' shoes in our closet, iron those 6 hankies, spare room cupboards need a birthday! It's never ending but no-one sees those jobs but me and if I don't do them in the morning as I see them, then they don't get done. I think I'm gonna put on my Christmas wish list - 5 days off - no going in to the office. That would be so nice.

Sounds like you had a ripper day getting things sorted and spiffy again. Love it!

Cheers - Joolz

appetitzugler said...

Nice post! I loved reading it!

Angie said...

When I was at work (I finished in 1999 as my mobility started to get worse)I used to long for the time to have a beautiful pristine home with a place for everything and everything in its place. Now I don't know how I ever found the time to go out to work - and I STILL have a mountain on ironing!